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Acronym for Shit On My Tip. Upon removing one's penis from a female anus, one may discover fecal matter stuck to their glans penis. Originally used as a text acronym but has evolved to use as an exclamation or prepositional phase.
Jon, "Dude, I pounded her ass so hard last night, she won't shit for a week."
Erik, "Nice man, did you wear a condom?"
Jon, "SOMT, I didn't."


Erik, "SOMT, I forgot about that homework assignment."
Kyle, "Fuck, me too."
by poopy pants nightmare May 05, 2010
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Skin of my Teeth

Usually used to describe a close-call, usually followed by "that bitch."
Wesley: "Holy shit, dude, you almost died!"
Anthony: "Yeah, I Somt'd that bitch."

Jerry: "I passed by SOMT."
James: "Me too, yo.:
Jerry: "A 94 is NOT by SOMT you asshole."
by That fly kid May 07, 2010
Suck on my tits
Hey douche! SOMT!

Craig u have a big head SOMT!
by exec. fry chef February 10, 2010

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