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Abbreviation for Shit On My Lawn used by few people in the Upstate NY area.
Did u see that fuckin dog take a SOML?
by eatyellowsnow March 15, 2004
Story of my Life.

seeing, something or someone telling you something, that happens to your life all the time.
Ken: I procrastinate.

Bob: SOML.
by epicperson March 16, 2010
Story Of My Life. Something you hear, or see that always happens to you either good or bad. Typically, people use it as a way to agree with someone else's story that they can relate to.
Person 1: "I always drop the bar of soap in the bath and then I can never find it."

Person 2: "Soml"
by meiknafla June 19, 2010
story of my life
N:"you have nothing to do besides play tetris!"
B:"Soml :("
by StreetSmart Nat March 16, 2010
Acronym for "story of my life". Pronounced "SOHM-uhl" or spelled "S-O-M-L".
Person 1: "Ugh, I haven't started my paper that's due in three hours."
Person 2: "SOML"
by Regine Phalange May 13, 2012
SOML (Shape of my life) - Pronounced ''Sommell''
I feel in the SOML
by Captain Chevron June 08, 2012
Story of My Life
Jack: I just pussied out on the best opportunity of my life!
Dan: SOML, man
by DurDragon August 06, 2009
Story of My Life

See Also: SOYL (Story of Your Life), SOOL (Story of Our Lives)
by from317to941 December 13, 2010