SOL is a net or text abbreviation for 'Sigh out Loud'. It is similar to 'LOL', but if used incorrectly could offend the person reading it.
BAD use of 'SOL':

Person 1: My brother's Birthday was jokes.
Person 2: SOL.

GOOD use of 'SOL':

Person 1 (jokingly): Guess what? I'm planning to commit suicide and jump of a cliff next Tuesday.

What is the other person supposed to say to that? Only....

Person 2: SOL.
by Annie'sKitchenDoughnut September 27, 2009
SOL - acronym, the act of Snorting Out Loud.

When one finds something so funny, one snorts in laughter. A lot like LOL but has actual meaning, not just 'shut the fuck up'.
Harriet: OMG did you hear what Frey did?
Maple: No?
Harriet: She put her finger up her bum!
Maple: SOL
by hfjsdkljdHeidi October 03, 2012
SOL= Smile Out Loud
Often used by realist Social Network-ers who want to be told the truth, not that another person is laughing when they're actually smiling or doing something else with their mouth.

Note: Never use incorrectly, for example, do not say SOL if you are laughing, frowning or doing something else with your mouth.

A: LOL, jokes guy (whilst smiling)
B: Say SOL you lying piece of poo.
by haidanSOLLERZ July 05, 2011
to smile out loud, much like the phrase LOL (Laugh out loud) but in most cases, people do not actually laugh at what is said, they just smile, or literally do nothing, but pretend to say it was funny by saying LOL. Now, you can be more truthful in what you did.

Lisa: Yeah im literally going to fail this science test.

Andy: Yeah me too, i didnt even study SOL
by biancface May 16, 2011
Satellite of Love, from the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.
They were stuck on the SOL for ten seasons before they got off, plus KTMA.
by VocalR May 01, 2011
Smirking Out Loud

Often used when a very sexy white (vanilla) individual brings out the right moves and makes you want to tear that ass up.

Can be a turn on depending on how sexy things can turn out.
Did you see what Em did to that guy over there? She SOL'd.

I love to SOL, it was one of the greatest things ever invented.
by chocolatefudgecaramel December 01, 2010
'Stuck on Stupid'

Someone says something really stupid or something everybody already knew bout it, and its old news. And your just sitting there thinking they're stupid, so when they're finished talking... Say SOS then walk away.
Marcus: Did yall know they're selling Big-Mac snack wraps at McD's now?
Jamal: Its been on commercial everyday, everybody knows bout so why you telling us like its amazing.
Marcus: I thought you didn't know bout it man.
Jamal: Just shut up, your so SOL
by *LiLW33ZY* June 26, 2010

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