A name, often used for girls in south america. Sol is a lovely, happy girl with a big future.

Also "Sol" means "Sun" in Spanish. And it is the official name of our Sun!
Josh: who is she?
Kevin: she's Sol
Josh: is she nice
Kevin: very nice and beautiful
Josh: someone needs to get warmed up by Sol

by Delfinaaa WoW January 01, 2015
Sol-- A dead sexy, large penised, buff as hell, kick ass hunk of man.
lady#1: ahhh he's so hot, almost as hot as Sol!!
lady#2: I highly doubt that, Sol is the sexiest person on earth... jeez.
by Stavi :P February 23, 2010
An unfixable product.
Oy cdf, fix sols!
by Nick November 27, 2003
Acronym for Shit Out of Luck.
Guy: My car broke down
Other guy: Sorry all the mechanic shops are closed. Looks like your SOL.
by Definitioner123 July 14, 2014
Snort Out Loud
That joke was so freaking funny that Brittany SOL'd
by SHAVC November 09, 2010
A girl who really is just sexy and hot
Man I wish I had sol as my girlfriend
by Mexican is cool May 18, 2016
Scoff Out Loud, ala lol, especially when you receive an absolutely pointless text.
Tyler: Wen is Christmas this year?
Tim: sol
by bob beeflips November 30, 2009
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