Smiling out loud.
Usually used for something thats not funny enough to LOL at, or even ROFL.
-Hey you know what that guy said to me next?

He said he didn't know where the bus stop is..
by Williams420 August 12, 2010
The product of a failed student project.
SOLS is unfixable
by Koren November 29, 2003
A shortened version of the place 'Solihull' in or connected to Birmingham. Most common people to use 'Sols' are youths or chavs.
Chav 1: Yo blud, wagwarning with you today?
Chav 2: Nothing blud,nothing, just landing up Sols.
Chav 1: Solihull?
Chav 2 Yeye Blud.
by AnonymousBlud April 28, 2012
SOL is a net or text abbreviation for 'Sigh out Loud'. It is similar to 'LOL', but if used incorrectly could offend the person reading it.
BAD use of 'SOL':

Person 1: My brother's Birthday was jokes.
Person 2: SOL.

GOOD use of 'SOL':

Person 1 (jokingly): Guess what? I'm planning to commit suicide and jump of a cliff next Tuesday.

What is the other person supposed to say to that? Only....

Person 2: SOL.
by Annie'sKitchenDoughnut September 27, 2009
SOL - acronym, the act of Snorting Out Loud.

When one finds something so funny, one snorts in laughter. A lot like LOL but has actual meaning, not just 'shut the fuck up'.
Harriet: OMG did you hear what Frey did?
Maple: No?
Harriet: She put her finger up her bum!
Maple: SOL
by hfjsdkljdHeidi October 03, 2012
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