Official International All Female Fake Kings of Leon Tribute Band also known as Sluts Of Leon.
Did you hear that SOL are going to be playing here next week?
by bookulele July 07, 2009
like lol, but means 'snort out loud'. Use it like you would lol.
crazygal: my mom thought i was preggers when I told her about me and you know who!!

xxwamoxx: OMG sol that is so typical of her
by robknob April 26, 2009
Smiling out loud. (Often more accurate then LOL).
"After having a breakfast burrito I needed a few hours by mysmelf. SOL".
by DJ horrible August 09, 2009
Sorry One Line
After you are writing only one line in a mailing list. then you can quote "S.O.L"
by juztgood May 14, 2010
Similar to LOL.

Other known phrases: rofsmao, forsmaocopter
Bestes S.O.Ld at my facebook comment and ran to the graveyard to skeletor with some friends from edina
by kimbotie2 January 08, 2011
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