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shit outta luck.
oooops... so sol
by mikrobuilder March 27, 2009
'Stuck on Stupid'

Someone says something really stupid or something everybody already knew bout it, and its old news. And your just sitting there thinking they're stupid, so when they're finished talking... Say SOS then walk away.
Marcus: Did yall know they're selling Big-Mac snack wraps at McD's now?
Jamal: Its been on commercial everyday, everybody knows bout so why you telling us like its amazing.
Marcus: I thought you didn't know bout it man.
Jamal: Just shut up, your so SOL
by *LiLW33ZY* June 26, 2010
Shitt outta luck!!
it's so S.O.L.
by mikrobuilder February 19, 2009
"Sold outta luck" meaning that your luck is all sold out, meaning you are screwed and have no chance at accomplishing whatever the heck you were just trying to do.

SOL = sold out of luck
Person A: DAMN! I missed the due date for the assignment, can I still hand it in?

Person B: Nope, you are SOL there.
by That guy 555 January 20, 2010
Snort Out Loud
Bina : Did you hear? Jenifer Aniston is getting married.
Frenchiie : Haha good one, I just SOLed.
by Frenchiie = ) May 01, 2009
smile out loud
mark: why r u smiling

shorty: SOL
by brainlessskarekrow July 24, 2009
Official International All Female Fake Kings of Leon Tribute Band also known as Sluts Of Leon.
Did you hear that SOL are going to be playing here next week?
by bookulele July 07, 2009