Sex on legs
That girl/guy over there is S.O.L!
by Duckzilla July 29, 2009
Sex on Legs - Used to describe the popular girls who really have nothing else going for them.
Hey....we are the S.O.L
by knowswhatitreallymeans August 03, 2007
A feminine latin name wich means 'Sun' or also 'Godness'.
- What's your name?
- Sol.
by breeze26 April 09, 2007
SOL is an acronym for Sex On Legs.
God, he's gorgeous! Sol!
by Evie_angel May 14, 2008
an acronym, Snorting Out Loud
(sort of like lol)
Alexsandra was SOL-ing about the sperm digger
by afuckingclown December 28, 2008
1. A name of our sun.

2. One 'day' on other planets and moons.
1. Sol is one of billion stars in our galaxy.

2. One Sol on Mars is about 24 hours and 37 minutes.
by Wuk November 13, 2003
Abbreviated to smile-out-loud. Its freaking obvious that most of the time when individuals are chatting with each other and type in, "LOL"... they are not really laughing-out-loud. But instead they are most likely smiling. So it makes more sense.
Bob: You got a lot of junk in your trunk!
Jane: SOL... you perv.
Bob: The fuck you call me bitch?
by GHOS7FACE August 18, 2008

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