Satellite of Love, from the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.
They were stuck on the SOL for ten seasons before they got off, plus KTMA.
by VocalR May 01, 2011
This large framed entity is known to lurk the Northern Beaches. The entity is highly volatile and extremely dangerous, usually quite prone to put the shot on.

Other aliases include: jniel, Jake, Nielsen, SOLID, Schwarzeneggar, Arnie's father, SHOT ON.
"Who put the SHOT ON!?"

"It was Sol."

by Drecula July 09, 2010
Statute of limitations. SOL is an acronym used by lawyers communicating with each other.
Sometimes used with another SOL, as in "The client's SOL ran so we're SOL on this case."
by forhall February 19, 2010
SOL is a net or text abbreviation for 'Sigh out Loud'. It is similar to 'LOL', but if used incorrectly could offend the person reading it.
BAD use of 'SOL':

Person 1: My brother's Birthday was jokes.
Person 2: SOL.

GOOD use of 'SOL':

Person 1 (jokingly): Guess what? I'm planning to commit suicide and jump of a cliff next Tuesday.

What is the other person supposed to say to that? Only....

Person 2: SOL.
by Annie'sKitchenDoughnut September 27, 2009
SOL - acronym, the act of Snorting Out Loud.

When one finds something so funny, one snorts in laughter. A lot like LOL but has actual meaning, not just 'shut the fuck up'.
Harriet: OMG did you hear what Frey did?
Maple: No?
Harriet: She put her finger up her bum!
Maple: SOL
by hfjsdkljdHeidi October 03, 2012
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