An acronym for the derogatory term, saucey orifice, used instead of "significant other" to designate a woman that's kept around for physical pleasure. Can be used cladestinely in front of said S.O. when speaking to a friend who is "in the know". Said S.O. is lulled into a false sense of security thinking that they are your "significant other". (Only heterosexual use allowed as any other orifice is only saucey after the fact.)
Bob: Albert, just who is this engaing creature?

Albert: Oh, this is my S.O., Fillmein. Fillmein this is Albert. (Wink....wink)
by BigBlackBlick February 03, 2010
s.o- my bith ass survalence office that works for ma p.o so he dont gota get off his fat ass i kant wait to get off so i can get flazed as fuck
s.o - i want yo piss me- then open yo mouth bitch
by gus from tha 520 April 15, 2005
Short form of Asshole
Dave is an SO, so am I
by Mokonamon May 08, 2005
Short for "Snap Off." An S.O. is a female, usually overweight and unattractive, who finds it difficult to find a male partner who will engage in sexual intercourse with her. When the S.O. finally "gets lucky", she will ride his genatalia so hard, it will snap off under the pressure.
"Oh man, you hooked up with a real ugly chick last night."

"I know had to ice my nuts because she was a real S.O."
by R.L. Sparkes July 25, 2009
A person who alternates between Mr. Right and the Douchebag Next Door. You can recognize him by refusal to communicate while in a relationship and by a wrecked set of priorities. This guy will become a permanent asshole a month before breaking up with you.
The epitome of a S.O. would be Sean Oliver at UPenn, but S.O.s can be found throughout the country. Most abundantly at college campuses and local bars.
by *_* April 10, 2006
Sexual Orifice
You know that song, Low S.O.
by slavetical June 02, 2003
Something other
I want to get a gift for her SO than the usual.
by poppi December 10, 2003

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