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sleep over slut, a chick that will sleep with anyone at a sleepover
tila tequila is and s.o.s girl she bangs any one
by mpty0624 May 02, 2008
Short for Soulja Boy
You ain't gotta ask me ask So.
by kristian123 April 06, 2009
'Sons Of Scotland' or 'S.O.S'

Independent Scottish Record lable based in Edinburgh.
Currently Signed: Werd & Deeko
Releases: 'S.O.S presents Werd n Deeko Vol.1'
Genre: Scottish Urban Music
Sons of Scotland (S.O.S)
by Urban_info January 07, 2008
Peter Gabriel's sevetnth album.
Woah,you got So? Great album!
by Zinc March 07, 2004
stands for "sausage-on-scene" meaning a girl who has a boyfriend.when guys first meet girls they will always investigate whether she has an S.O.S either leading to either a chance to hook up or a b-bomb
guy1-damn jenn is so hot, i would love to get with her
guy2-i know, shame shes got an S.O.S
by jay31189 April 01, 2011
a word you say when you really dont give a fuck. to yo momma
"so, who gives a fuck"

sexy sally says "OMG, i got an B+ on my math exam, my mom is gonna me really glad"
cool guy sam says "SO"
sally exclaims "so?!"
cool guy says "so wonderful"
sam thinks <wonderful tities bitch just shut up and eat the pop>
by yo mama March 15, 2005
In the emergency services community refers to the sheriff's office.
The S.O. wasn't on scene when we arrived so we staged a few blocks away.
by Juliette Spencer November 21, 2010