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Shallowman...NO! An abbreviation in a message board advising Shallowman to refrain from taking advantage of innuendo within another members post.
I took a shot and my shaft bent (SMN).
by RobShallowvan December 09, 2008
Shoot me now!
I was sitting at Uncle Harry's table and listening to him tell story upon story.......just SMN, will ya?
by kimgee October 15, 2010
Chat and/or Texting acronym for "shoot me now"
Jim: Uch finals suck
Jose: Yeah, im about to start studying for Calculus, SMN
by APCalcSucks May 03, 2011
Acronym for Satisfy my needs or can b said as syn for satisfy your needs
Fuxk relationships! Its all about that smn!
by ib_2kewl June 08, 2011
Suckle My Niples...

After SMD (Suck My D*ck) and LMB (Lick My Bowls), the girls take their revenge and REQUEST to be suckled too...
-Yo Shawty wassup? Can I breastfeed?
-4 sure. I'm here in 5 min.
by ViveLaFrance September 04, 2010
shaking my nuts (the replacement for shaking my head)
I cant believe this bitch just said dat shit, smn (shaking my nuts)
by D-Port July 20, 2011
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