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Shoot me now!
I was sitting at Uncle Harry's table and listening to him tell story upon story.......just SMN, will ya?
by kimgee October 15, 2010
Sitting in the jacuzzi with your clitoris in front of a jet of water and having a super orgasm.
Katie was in the jacuzzi with her legs spread wide while the jet on the jacuzzi rushed over her clit. She experienced the most awesome orgasm ever.

"OMG" I had the best cumuzzi ever!

Ahhh Katie, next time I'm joinin ya!
by kimgee April 15, 2010
Taking a tube of cookie dough to masturbate with.

Guy so well-endowed, he's hung like a roll of cookie dough.
Becky was sex starved and went to the frig to find a cookie doughboy to masturbate with.
OOOOugh......I love my cookie doughboy!

What a tasty idea!

OH Jethro, bring over your cookie doughboy, I'm ready for some action!
by kimgee April 25, 2010
With legs spread wide. For additional emphesis: WLSWO-with legs spread wide open.
She was lying on her back wlsw and touching herself!

In anticipation, wlswo awaiting his entry.

"I'm waiting for you baby, wlsw".
by kimgee November 07, 2010
Crashing your car while texting.
Joe t-boned a camero when he was texting his girlfriend.

Wow, I heard that was a bad textident.
by kimgee April 14, 2010
Googling cock on the net.
Samantha had been deprived of cock for such a long time she started to cockoogle on the net.
Poor Sammie, hasn't had some cock in over a year, she's turned to "cockoogling".
by kimgee April 25, 2010
Using a cob of corn as a vibrator. The pussy is so hot it pops the corn.
Jenni is enjoying herself with a cob of corn!

She better be careful, she has one hot pussy!

Too late.....we got a bed full of cockcorn.

Can I come over? I'll bring the butter.
by kimgee April 15, 2010

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