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A famous Los Angeles tagger turned gallery artist. He started killing the streets of LA hard in 1997 and has been painting canvas since about 2005. He's been featured in numerous Los Angeles Times articles, one of which revealed his identity (Cristian Gheorghiu) to the masses after a highly publicized graffiti arrest in 2009.
I was walking down Sunset and saw Smear tags like on fucking everything!

Are you going to the Opening of Smear's artshow on Friday?
by Slimey Sal August 13, 2011
Cocaine, baking soda, and water mixed up on a sheet of foil then smeared across the foil and smoked.
Person #1 Hey man what's up with this smear?

Person #2 This shit is getting me all jacked up!!
by TDynamite September 15, 2008
to attack someones reputation with false information, to defame someone
Conservative journalists are trying to smear Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama simultaneously.
by The Return of Light Joker March 02, 2008
smear....... hard to explain but its CRAZY a parody on mtvs fear creators, josh cohne kyle obrien and aj perotti, 3 pimped ouit jedi knights
tv party tonight!
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
A tiny fart you can't hear but it still smells. This can be a noun or a verb.
What smells? I smeared.
by lukethedolphin December 25, 2011
Smears is just another way of saying awkward.
Joe: Dude but I hope Brittney don't go if I go in Friday because Joe is gonna come. Then you prolly will, then she will. Then it will be kinda smears because I will be hitting on other girls...
by .meow.mix.69. May 04, 2011
to get down and dirty in a biddy's unmentionables. ie: for a male to place his face in the near region of a female's genitalia, and "get it wet".
Matt: "yo, did you smear that last night, mayne!?"

Hector: "OH, HELL NO! that biddy hadn't been down there with a pair of clippers in years!"
by bizzle to the rizzle October 21, 2007
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