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Noun. An Aamir is typically a sexy beast of Pakistani or Indian origin. Aamirs smoke kush almost everyday, but only with rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) or occasionally 50 Cent. Aamirs usually do not get laid, however, because their dicks are so large that they penetrate too far in the woman's bajingo. Aamirs also tend to be very successful in life, usually as rich businessmen who own and distribute bitches.
Man, that guy is such an Aamir. He took a Viagra instead of an Aspirin and his huge dick fucked the universe.
by TheStaleMilk March 31, 2011
a dude with a lot of potential in life, who can do anything he pleases. many refer to him as a king, or master, but some refer to him as God.
Girl 1: Aamir is too good for me.

Girl 2: He can rule me anyday!
by bobbyjindal123 June 20, 2011
Aamir is a term used for a person who is a empty headed idiot, a person whose stupidity has no limits, someone who is dumber than blondes. As hindi language is developing, the term "Aamir" has successfully replaced the most famous Hindi word "Chutiya".

The word "Aamir" can also be used to define a person who is constantly beaten up by his girlfriend because he is such an Aamir.
Girl A: Yesterday I told my bf to show me his cock.
Girl B: Oooo how big was it?
Girl A: That idiot went to the shop and brought a chicken.
Girl B: Damn girl, your bf is such an Aamir!!
by sUdPrAs July 23, 2013