Being a "Sm" is basically being awful at every game you play. This also includes swearing extensively while dying in a FPS. This is named after a particularly bad player at Halo 2, Halo 3, and Call of Duty 4.
WOW, you're just another Sm.
by Likwidddd March 08, 2008
its a abbreviation used on myspace for "site model".
"hi im katie im a sm use my pictures for your site."
by papercuts x3 April 14, 2008
(SMiling Mentally)
We ALL know that even though what your friend said was 'sooo' funny and hilarious you want to say lol, lmfao, lmao, lmbo, or in retarded cases ROTFLMAO but here is the REAL joke was it really so funny that you were LITERALLY laughing and rolling your INSEPARABLE "butt" off? NO. So i created a more SMARTER way of saying "lol."
- Laughing without actual outbursts.
- Especially in a quiet place maybe church or something.
-Today i farted in class, everybody ran out when they smelled it

-That joke was real funny SM im at an assembly

-What you said wasnt funny enough to laugh out loud but i dont want you to feel bad SM
by JJadeNM January 22, 2010
sm stands for silly-midget.
only really silly, silly, silly, midgets deserve this name.
it's a real honor of the sm's.
go away, you fucking sm, or i'm calling a dwarf to beat you up.
by Dniworrom May 16, 2008
SM- Scarlet Monestary on World of Warcraft.
We did all of the parts of SM last night with a great group...
by Ian B. July 11, 2005
SM obviously has as the most prominent meaning sado masochism. But it can also be used by people to say 'single mother'
Guy: So do u have a bf?
Girl: No am a sm.
Guy: Oh, am sry 4 u.
by Jan-Lucas April 30, 2008
See Stepmania
Look above.
by Arch0wl December 13, 2003

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