originated in belfast it literally means to smoke like fuck.
not of tobacco but of cannabis SLF
eg gerry smokes like fuck

graffiti on a wall stating: niall 2006 SLF
by hairyhole August 29, 2006
Top Definition
(Self Loading Freight) A derogatory term used by airline personnel to describe passengers.
Just give some peanuts to the SLF in Coach.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
Sassy Little Fuck. Filled with unlimited amounts of sass and attitude. Often sleeps in late and misses class...and whenever we can't find him it's assumed he is sleeping or doing some other sedentary activity. It's funny because he is super skinny. Eats A LOT and will routinely eat your food and never pay you back...likes tofu and other vegatarian shit. Will quickly tell you if your idea is bad...even if it really isn't. It's ok though cause we love him and his sassiness.
Where's SLF? Oh, he's probably sleeping.
by The CAC July 23, 2012
sounds like fun. can be used as a sarcastic or serious form.
by pacman fan June 26, 2010
so gf Significant Lady Friend
I met up with my bro and his slf - she's hawt!
by diamonddawg November 06, 2007
An SLF is an acronym for "Sexy Llama Face." An SLF may be texted, emailed, tweeted or used in emoticon form on MSN.
Generally used to express super love. Also may denote that you are a horny llama. Use with caution.
"Hey Molly. ily. <3. slf."
by gingerninja90 April 07, 2010
A hxc myspace gang formed in Connecticut that you may not join. There are nine members all of whom are infamous.
"Dude, I saw SLF roll through here earlier, they had the hats going and everything."

"What the hell does SLF mean all they say when I ask them is 'if we told you we would have to kill you'"
by SLF Associate March 03, 2006
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