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A hxc myspace gang formed in Connecticut that you may not join. There are nine members all of whom are infamous.
"Dude, I saw SLF roll through here earlier, they had the hats going and everything."

"What the hell does SLF mean all they say when I ask them is 'if we told you we would have to kill you'"
by SLF Associate March 03, 2006
31 39
Spread like fuck. Someone who incessantly spreads things he/she hears until everybody knows about it. Has wavy hair (sometimes) and brings friends to lingerie parties.
Jenna: My sandwich has two slices of cheese today
Rachel (SLF): HEY EVERYONE!!! I heard that Jenna's sandwich has two slices of cheese today...that's JUST LIKE HER SANDWICH FROM YESTERDAY, but today everybody has to know about it
by Glen A. Wilson HS April 12, 2008
5 17