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Skark: (n) a compounded noun. Derived from the words "Skid" and "Mark." What was once a skid mark is now a skark.
Richard has eaten far too much Chorizo, he's going to be left with skarks as result.
by Skark Detective October 10, 2009
A pet name for ones loved one.
That's my Skark over there bro. Aint she pretty?
by urbandictionite January 04, 2011
A Word used to seem like you were doing something cool, but really were just hanging out doing nothing
Person 1: Hey what did u guys do last night?

Person 2: Not much, just skarked it down by the park

Person 1: Oh nice! i wish i could do that!
by Conner Frederick May 11, 2007
what me and my friends all do . it can involve buying cheap shitty food and making straight jokes about me . 90% of the time of us hanging out .
they were taking on AIM and made the typo of "skark" instead of "shark" and wondered if it was a real word . that's their so-called entertainment .
by scene of the fire November 30, 2007
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