Meaning loosely, extremely.
Its from the French term for extremely: "shesair"
The recent wave of colloquialisms within the French language have shortened it to shes.
However, modifying the French language in public forms is punishable by law so its become a young, underground movement.
Can be used in the same kind of context as "hella", but found more on the east coast.
Wow she's shes incredible at singing!
by BriehaHA December 18, 2011
Top Definition
"So high". The abbreviation is useful when one is in public places and wants to tell their friends about their level of intoxication, but would prefer if strangers and/or authority figures did not know. Extra S's before the H indicate that one is higher than usual.
"Hey Ariel, your eyes are kind of bloodshot"
"I'm SH".

"Let's get SH and watch Across the Universe. Good party!"
by Cat Baker May 04, 2009
Self Harm or Self Harming

when a person injures themself on purpose
I am worried. Jane is SH again
by Athedia August 10, 2009
A short version of she is.

She is _____.
In the blank, you can insert your favorite adjective.
She's gay.

She's awesome

She's funny.

She's alright.
by RawrItsPanda November 12, 2009
"sh" is a UNIX command shell. Currently superceded by BASH. "sh" ("shell") is the original.
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
A fabulous sex shop in London selling amazing sex toys for women. Wow. Lesbian paradise.
You can find Sh! store on Hoxton Square.
by Chlo Chlo September 10, 2006
Abbreviation for "Shit Happens"
Girl: my computer broke
Girl #2: use ur phone
Girl: I cant because Facebook always freezes
Girl #2: Well, SH I guess...
by MiddleSchoolGyrl May 05, 2013
S.H.S. Stupid Hoe Syndrome
your girlfriend suffers from S.H.S.
by W.Darity February 22, 2008
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