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The art of giving someone the surprise feeling of a salmon swimming upstream rapidly between your legs.
Sneak up behind a person while they are standing up directly facing away from you and make sure they don;t know you are there. Take one hand, make it flat like a karate chop, and rapidly move your hand back and forth between the person's legs just above their knees. This provides a surprising sensation of what it would feel like to have a salmon trying to swim upstream between your legs. When the victim turns around surprised and doesn't know how to respond to such an odd thing; you say "You got salmoned!"
by Jason Tiemeier February 22, 2008
An internet phenomena where a computer links two people over IM - and gives each user false

It's similar to a three way call using AIM. Imagine someone mutes his own phone and then calls you. Then he calls someone else. Now you're talking to a stranger. Your phone rang and so did theirs. You think he called you and vice versa. Neither of you realize there's a third person instigating all this. This is basically the same thing, but with AIM.
AllSeeingSalmon: who are you?
Me: So you realize we're being salmoned right. And your s/n is showing up as AllSeeingSalmon.
AllSeeingSalmon: no??
AllSeeingSalmon: wtf are you talking about?!
AllSeeingSalmon: no this is Jim
AllSeeingSalmon: I already told you that!
by kss4777 July 11, 2008
the act (in video games) of repeatedly spawning and dying within a short period of time. Generally in video games where the spawn points are in terrible spots.
Troy: I hate playing Modern Warfare 2.
Me: Why?
Troy: Because I keep getting salmoned. Let's play Halo instead!
by Rhino88 August 10, 2010
the act of someone slapping their hands against the inside of another persons thighs, often a measure of just how much inner-thigh fat they have.
A big girl looks upset in the corner at a party....

girl: What's wrong with that girl in the corner?

guy: Hahaha! She just got salmoned.
by xxcoffeefeen March 10, 2010
The process of rebooting a server or edmunding but when the server does not come back up successfully
Damn it, I thought that edmunding that server would sort out the problems but I think I have salmoned it now
by mattywhi June 01, 2007
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