Soundtrack for life. The music you would play in the background in any given moment of your life.
Here's your badass sfl for this photo: <insert song>.
by lb2 February 19, 2013
Settle for less
Jake SFLed all night when he boned a fat chick.
by E Dollaz August 02, 2008
Sucker For Love. Someone who falls in love very quickly or thinks they are in love
Josh is telling the girl he just met that he loves her and wants to have kids. What a SFL ass nigga.
by JayLuv718 August 01, 2008
So fucking lame.
Dude, your facebook status was sfl.
by asianbossman January 02, 2011
Set For Life
Dude, i got $100 for my b-day. sfl!!!
by tengukid July 05, 2011
Scheme For Life
Typically in use for Lax Bros of the nation, who are the ultimate schemers
"Jake, all you do is scheme"
"SFL baby"
by Marglx May 09, 2010
Skate For Life
used by skateboarders
skate for life man sfl!!
by berta. June 14, 2007

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