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Single For Life, something lonely people say when they have no boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and believe they have no chances of getting one anytime soon.
Girl I don't need a boyfriend, I'm SFL!
by Chase M. February 07, 2006
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stop fucking lying
"dude i just seen your girl with another nigga" SFL she's right here what a F.N hater
by champloo702 September 24, 2009
Literal Translation: Screwed Fer Life
Dude-Hey Man guess what?


Dude-Well I just got a TV and it broke. So I went to the store I bought it from and it closed down. Then I tried selling it on Ebay and I somehow owed the buyer money.

Man- Sounds like someone's SFL
by AlexDaBeast October 24, 2010
Scarred For Life
Last night I walked in on my parents doing it doggie - SFL !
by Plump Ham August 11, 2014
SFL is a uber way of expressing that something is (So Freaking Lame) isn't fun, maybe boring or even a disappointment.
The way that guy died at the end of the movie was SFL!
by Tim Crow February 01, 2008
Senior Fail List.
I'm on the SFL... Fuck my life.
by K1SSIN May 12, 2011
Soundtrack for life. The music you would play in the background in any given moment of your life.
Here's your badass sfl for this photo: <insert song>.
by lb2 February 19, 2013

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