Seal (Adjective): A person who fails so badly at day to day conversation that speaking to them is like listening to a seal fall down some stairs.

Sealing (Verb): A person who repeatedly behaves in a manner towards member's of the opposite sex in a manner that could be deemed pathetic or desperate and/or someone who lies to make themselves look good but fails miserably.
Seal (Adjective): "Omg look at that seal in it's fire trap top.
Seal (Verb): "for god sake, Michael Davies is over there sealing again!"
by Michael Davies the III May 10, 2012
a person of african decent that is shirtless and preferably has a shaved head that is swimming in any body of water.
Hey look at all those seals in the ocean, lets walk down further!
by D. Nasty November 29, 2007
A person who always pops up for attention. Someone who has to make sure they get there two cents in, like a seal barking (ark, ark, ark, ark, ark!)
I was explaining something to Carol when seal had to butt in and give his opinion.
by donkeylobster May 29, 2006
An arctic animal that is a magnet for blunt weapons, including (but not limited to) clubs, bats, crowbars, nailboards, nunchucks, game controllers, banjos, backpacks filled with cement, and folding chairs.
"You see that seal over there?"


"I'm gonna club the s**t out of it."
by Trogador April 04, 2010
1. when a fat guy bangs a girl and the blubber engulfs her.

AKA Sealing, Getting Sealed and Seal-time.
girl 1 : how was the guy you brought back last night?

girl 2 : im not gonna lie, it was like proper sealing.

EG. I just got sealed big time.
by myadiayollym June 02, 2009
Abbreviation of the expression "Oh My God, Seals!"
Used in situations where one is completely trashed and seeing things, usually associated with psychedelics.
Patrice: "Oh man, I am SO fucking trashed, I think I can see Seals!"

Travis (when looking at a sandbag): "Oh my god, look...SEALS!!"
by Patdogs January 18, 2008
when someone has anal sex they get there seal busted and then are now called a seal
That dude is a seal, he got fucked in the ass.

Joey is a rainbow seal.
Chris is a wet seal.
by joeyisarainbowseal May 01, 2009

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