S,E,A,L. (not to be confused and/or misguided)

a Seal is a highly-trained special forces singer of the Music Industry. Part of the K,I,S,S and higher than FROMAROSE. Seal is pretty much a modern-day ninja, a renagade,if you will; he is trained to steal YOUR heart with his allagator chomps on the cheeks. He could easily make a supersonic man out of you. His shiny head is already melt to scenery and he can make a plate of mac-n-cheese-un-noticed. On Stage, he "blows" away any contender beyond human-conception.
"Not everyone can be Seal. Infact you'd have to be a kiss from a rose to be one! If you really want to be Seal, You have to find allagator chomps"

"But did you know that when it snows
My eyes become large, And the light that you shine can't be seen?"
-Seal Motto

"If your called to duty,but your out of toilet paper, then you've failed"
by Bill+Pot=High March 01, 2005
1.a man in the navy
2. a donkey with a gun
3. a millitary fag with a big ass gun
1. haha look at that seal haha
2. o Shit!!! its a S.E.A.L.!! run!!!!!!!
3.OMG its a SEAL
by seal January 30, 2003
It takes approximately 7,098 airmen, 45,000 rangers, 70 seals, 80,000 sailors, and 398,000 army personnel to do
just 1 marines job.
Seals are just wannabe Marines. Seal go 2 miles inland we go the full 10 (Marine Recon).OOOHRAH!!!!
by jmasterjermzx October 30, 2007

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