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Incredibly talented singer.
Hits include: Don't Cry, Human Beings, and A Kiss From a Rose.
Whoa. I just heard an awesome singing voice coming from my TV speakers. Seal must be on again!
by Annatar September 19, 2004
Alien from the planet Neblak. Has come to earth for the sole purpose of mutilating cows for no particular reason and probing many a human with long metal objects.
Farmer Jed: Hey'd you here about that OniLink feller?
Farmer Bob: Hear about him? He probed my entire family and cut up all my cows now what am I gon do? :'(
by Annatar August 30, 2004
Bigtime neocon makes Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'reilly look tame by comparison. Would of bombed Iraq 12 times over if they made this crazy SOB president.
Is known to call popular radio talk shows pretending to be a deranged Michael Moore fan so he can post the conversation in its entirety for the enjoyment of his right wing message board cult following.
1.Hey did you see the evening news? Haleon was made president and we just nuked North Korea!
2. LOL, Haleon fooled another pathetic Stern wannabe into believing he's a liberal Democrat!
by Annatar August 29, 2004
Cool little fella. Looks like rap sensation Lil Bow Wow. Makes interesting posts and is in love with fellow poster BHman who is in reality not a man but a tranny.
Whoa RedRing posted another Cookie jar thread. Now I've got something to do instead of masturbate on a Saturday night!
by Annatar August 30, 2004

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