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abreviated form of SEXY BEAST
johnny: woah man your'e such an SB
by sexybeast69 March 11, 2008
a tuftaluft is when someone shaves off all their pubic hair but leaves a small tuft to stick out of the side of their undies
dylan: WOOHOO! i've finally shaved myself a tuftaluft. i'm gonna get all the babes
by sexybeast69 March 11, 2008
1. a smelly vagina
2. an asian name
1. dylan: boy does sasha have a smelly punee
2. dylan: hello Punee, your name means vagina
by sexybeast69 March 11, 2008
A very attractive mexican. Usually pretty awesome.
Mexi + Sexy = Smexi
"Dam'n Miguel is so smexi!"
by SexyBeast69 June 09, 2013

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