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An acronym, meaning 'Fitt and Sexy Hawt'.

When used, it is a huge compliment.
Devised by four amazing girls (Selo, Reni, Emma and Char), whilst sitting at Cockfosters Station one day.
Frank Iero is so fash!!

I love your hair, it's fash

Check out the fash guy at 12 o clock!

by renz August 05, 2007
Northern scottish term for fish
"Hector Brocklebank from HB Fash"

"Yi want some Fash'n'Chips"
by Bertinator November 08, 2007
short for a FAcialist Skin Head, FASH, if you see one, its a piece of shit nazi scum, kill it BASH THE FASH!!!
bash the fash is a kick ass song by Oi Polloi
by bash the fash May 04, 2009
short for fashionable
"your suede jacket is so fash!"
by lauren September 01, 2003
Fash (v): to rock out, cut a rug, get excited.. in fashion.

Fasher: person who fashes at a very high frequency.

Fashing: when you are immersed in the act of expressing your passion and therefore emitting pure fash.
We are going to fash and cut a rug to the beat of Boney M and The Flirts when you get here. We're gonna fash out.
by Janice Bidet May 15, 2011
Gangster Pimp
ur such a fash! i wish i was like u!
by P.I.M.P January 12, 2004