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bash the fash
by sweary boy November 18, 2003
An acronym, meaning 'Fitt and Sexy Hawt'.

When used, it is a huge compliment.
Devised by four amazing girls (Selo, Reni, Emma and Char), whilst sitting at Cockfosters Station one day.
Frank Iero is so fash!!

I love your hair, it's fash

Check out the fash guy at 12 o clock!

by renz August 05, 2007
Northern scottish term for fish
"Hector Brocklebank from HB Fash"

"Yi want some Fash'n'Chips"
by Bertinator November 08, 2007
short for fashionable
"your suede jacket is so fash!"
by lauren September 01, 2003
short for a FAcialist Skin Head, FASH, if you see one, its a piece of shit nazi scum, kill it BASH THE FASH!!!
bash the fash is a kick ass song by Oi Polloi
by bash the fash May 04, 2009
eggs bacon potatoes all together.
I have some fash hash.
by Richard Fash October 21, 2003
When u literally fuck the shit out of a biddy
I would fash that girl.
by fashing February 19, 2015

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