Scorched Anus Syndrome
Oh man - I have SAS after all that Indian food.
by silverstreak December 06, 2007
Sas is a person who had too many babies with the name Sarah in her birth year, so had her proper name shortened to the always needing to be spelt out - S for Sally, A for apple, S for Sally.

She is a naughty monkey who likes to laugh, at herself and at others, probably due to needing to have one to cope with her name.
F1: Hey I'm Jane, what's your name?
F2: Sas
F1: Sorry what was that?
F2: Sas - S for Sally, A for apple, S for Sally
F1: Oh.....ok.
by supersas September 28, 2011
SAS Commonly known as Stank Ass Syndrome

Its when a dirty individual usually male. takes a dump and wipes incorrectly or leaves dingle berries in his ass. he then participates in some strenuous activity which causes sweat to mix with the pooped dingle berries. this producing a distinctive odor. may be used as a verb (Sassed)

usually occurs when you mix dingle berries with swamp but.
Man jose has a bad case of SAS. he sat in my dads chair and Sassed it up.
by deeguy September 19, 2011
Sweaty Ass Syndrome
When your butt starts to sweat, you are experiencing SAS. Usually during an awkward situation, in certain buildings, or sitting for too long.
by GuelphMan July 10, 2011
Sweaty ass sex - to have sweaty anal sex.
Jim and Jen had some SAS.
by rbizzy November 10, 2010
side-angle-side postulate.

A way to prove triangles congruent in geometry.
Triangle MAS is congruent to triangle POG because of the SAS postulate.
by Maaaaggie March 27, 2010
(EX).... cant think of one D:... SAS
by naruxsasuxlove September 16, 2008
Solid Axle Swap or Straight Axle Swap. Swapping your IFS (independent front suspension) for an older style solid axle. Solid axles are much stronger than IFS and much easier and cheaper to lift.
Man, I can wheel my truck so much harder now that I did an SAS.
by CJW April 14, 2008
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