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The proper definition is "Suck a Fuckin' Dick"
Gordon was working on a car and he spilled transmission fluid all over his clean white t-shirt and he yelled out: "SAFD"
by Andy July 22, 2003
Stoned As Fuck Driver... as opposed to a DD (designated driver)
1:"hey do you mind driving tonight?"
2: "As long as you are ok with me being the SAFD"
1: "ya.. for sure, ill even smoke you out.. just glad someone is driving"
2: "ya no problem"
by mary jane 420420420 November 11, 2010
The San Antonio Fire Department, or random banging on the keyboard. Often claimed to mean "Suck a fat dick" after the fact.
J: kjl safd
C: What does that mean?
J: Suck a fat dick.
by The Lord YHWH April 19, 2008
Suck a fat dick -
thats too bad, tough luck, theres no way, there is no way I'm going to do what you want, get lost, go away, get fucked,
I have to work over time? SAFD!
I have to deal with that troll? SAFD!
Man look at my schedule today! SAFD!
You want to swap this for that? no way SAFD!
The 76'ers lost again??! SAFD!

by cheif July 11, 2003
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