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a young man who can not resist the temptation of a vagina.
I told Coach not to bone the crazy ass ho Monica, but he did anyway. He's a real pussyholic.
by Cheif November 30, 2004
the act of premature ejaculating, even before intercourse takes place.
Darn it! I was gonna have sex with Melissa, but when she took off her bra, I got so excited I committed an early Rangel.
by Cheif November 28, 2004
this is a guy who observes how bad another guy treats his wife/girlfriend, and then later starts being nice to the mentioned female, then eventually starts tagging that ass. He is usually the recipient of gifts given to him by the female, at the expense of the befor mentioned guy.
B. Coop saw how bad J.R. would treat his ol' lady. He then started being nice to her, next thing I know B. Coop was hitting that ass. She started bringing him food and stuff. B. Coop is one hell of a clean up man.
by Cheif December 02, 2004
this is what happens if you don't wash your penis after anal sex.
Alonzo nailed Ebony in the ass, and didn't clean up. Now he has a chocolate dipped cone.
by Cheif November 28, 2004
A wink normally seen in the ice skating arena. When the leg swings around where the head is supposed to be while the other foot is on the ground.
An that was a beautiful dutch wink executed by the romanian ice skater.
by cheif August 10, 2003
Suck a fat dick -
thats too bad, tough luck, theres no way, there is no way I'm going to do what you want, get lost, go away, get fucked,
I have to work over time? SAFD!
I have to deal with that troll? SAFD!
Man look at my schedule today! SAFD!
You want to swap this for that? no way SAFD!
The 76'ers lost again??! SAFD!

by cheif July 11, 2003
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