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A sentence or thought that is blurted out without thinking. It typically is inappropriate, idiotic or just plain stupid. A Ryanism is always innocent, not meaning to cause any intentional harm.
"We were playing scattergories and Bryant put down his favorite hobby was capture the flag" "Seriously!" "Yup, Seriously" "ahh Ryanism I love that guy!"

"Dave just asked that deaf girl what type of music she likes, it took him 30 seconds to realize what he asked." "What a Ryanism"

"Ryanism alert!" "Marie just asked Brian what HER address is!"
by DeirdreHelena February 18, 2012
a condition in which you are a giant, drive a racing lawnmower with hood scoops, pretend they're cool, and assossiate with a computer geek and table of deucebags.
Guy 1:hey guys! i just put my snowmobile engine in my pushmower!
Guy 2:Stop pulling a ryanism!
by BOB THE_GUY April 16, 2010