A derogatory term that you would call a Guy who cares a lot about what his hair looks like, how his clothes look, and how he smells. A nicer way to call a guy Metrosexual
John: Matt called jake Ryan Seacrest

Ben: Yeah he is a big one
by Paul Bford April 13, 2008
Host of television show American Idol, Morning radio host of LA's top 40 radio station. Very funny when you get to hear him actually talk on the radio. No, he's not gay, bi, meterosexual, or anything but straight. Just cute:)
I love listening to Ryan Seacrest on the radio! He makes me laugh!
by mwah..! January 15, 2009
That crazy dressed host of American Idol. The reality show that really started it all.
Ryan Seacrest was caught eatin' out Fantasia Barrino "during the break" because Fantasia really needed some votes to help her win.
by DANTANA July 10, 2006
The act of cutting to a commercial break exactly when the show is at the peak point of suspense.
That show just pulled a total Ryan Seacrest
by Anniqueg January 05, 2015
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