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A guy who takes it up the ass by Simon Cowell
I saw Ryan Seacrest sucking off Simon Cowell under the american idol judging table!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
The reason for little girls hating the way they look
"Mommy, Why can't I look like Barbie?"
by Dumby August 03, 2007
A young actress who has talent, unlike some other young actresses in the business who can't act and get more attention *cough*Hilary Duff*cough*, most known for her role as a mermaid turned human, in Aquamarine.
Aquamarine is a great movie! Sara Paxton makes the movie! Period
by Dumby August 03, 2007
During a blow job, the man pulls out his (big) cock and smacks the girl in the face with it
John: I got head last night!
Frank: Awesome, from who?
John: Brittay, I was cock smacking her too!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
The girls you want to know more about, the girls you want to look like, the girls you say you hate but.. you secretly love them!
Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are my favorite It Girls!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
A movie starring Zac Braff, Jacinda Barett and Rachel Bilson. Full of jokes and drama and is sometimes called a 'chick flick' although it is the farthest thing from it if you watch it.
Rachel Bilson and Zac Braff are in a sex scene together in The Last Kiss!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
When a white female is fucked by more than 2 black men, making it seam like she is whistle you could stick your cock in anywhere.
John: Allie was african mud whistled last night by Jerone, Geraldo and Ken
Mike: HAHA! That stupid slut really loves the 12 inch nigger cock! I hope they had fun on the bitch!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
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