A straight guy that enjoys the act of giving blowjobs, but is otherwise totally straight.
"Dude, i heard that Alex is totally a seacrest."
by Spazzer April 28, 2005
v. - to trick someone, using long and painful pauses, making them think the absolute worst, then thinking the best
Boy: Baby, I'm sorry, I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore...

(girl starts crying)

... I want to be your husband! Marry me!

Girl: Oh my god, you totally seacrested me!
by adorkablealli April 03, 2009
v. To entice someone with greatly desired information before withdrawing from the conversation. Primarily done on television when information is about to be revealed, but the show goes to commercial.
We'll reveal the results...after the break. Just kidding, I wouldn't Seacrest you.
by Psychosis13089 April 16, 2008
The left over semen that has dried and crusted onto a towel.
"Honey, you need to wash this towel... It's covered in seacrest"
by princesspuglove March 02, 2012
To do or say something extremely cheezyand uncool.
"Dude, so I working this hot babe and she was interested in going on a date, then I told her some lame joke trying to make her laugh and I totally Seacrested. She walked away and she has not give me the time of day since then."
by AAT May 16, 2004

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