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Is a man that drives a small old rusty car from Japanese origin. He's kind and genourous and very populair among his female neighbours and collegues. Although most man try to act like a Ruud, only a true Ruud will get the job done right. On his work he is the shy guy. Not the man you think to be the one to excelerate your company to a billion dollar dominant world player. But you're very wrong and it's not you to blame because you're not a Ruud.
We cannot solve this problem, what should we do? Ask a Ruud, he always has a great solution.

I saw this fantastic guy today. It was probably a Ruud.
by Powerruud April 17, 2013
A Greecian man who believes he is black. He also uses the word balling in many ways and drinks purple drank. He plays Shards of Dalaya as well
I was playing SoD last night and Ruud had to AFK for like 15 minutes to get some purple drank.
by LogyLogsalot August 12, 2008
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