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A poo-poo handjob.

This character name first appeared as numerous grotesque sexual acts in the 4th season finale of The Venture Bros. , Episode 16, 'Operation P.R.O.M.
That chick was so weird...she actually asked if she could give me a Rusty Venture!
by Triana Orpheus November 23, 2010
3 2
A depraved sexual act that varies depending upon the person explaining it.
That's not a Rusty Venture... A Rusty Venture is when you take her........
by Human Target November 22, 2010
2 1
A Rusty Venture is the name for when you jerk off so much your dick gets all red and sore.
This is not over until one of us gets a Rusty Venture!
by somethingawful dot com November 22, 2010
22 21
A Rusty Venture is a straight move. It's when you take a girl out for a huge dinner, but you don't let her go to the can. And then you have anal sex with her and she shits all over your dick. So, right when your about to get off you take it out and you blow shit on her back. That's the Rusty part. The Venture part is when you eat that junk off her back without using your hands.
Boom! Right out of the gate you ask for a Rusty Venture. That is bold my friend, qudos.
by Guild Henchman 2 (VB) November 22, 2010
3 2
When a man jerks off so many times, his penis becomes irratated and red
I didn't have anything to do this weekend and ended up getting a rusty venture
by MasterShake1989 November 21, 2010
2 1
A sexual act involving penetrating the anus with some object (such as a penis, a fist, or a turkey baster). When pulling the object out of the anus, fecal matter comes out, and one of the participants eats the fecal matter and any bodily fluids that accompany it.

Or alternatively, masturbating so often that the penis turns bright pink or red.
He asked the prostitute for a Rusty Venture and she slapped him.
by TeaseAllMen November 21, 2010
3 2
In the episode of The Venture Bros. when Dr. Venture throws a prom party for Hank and Dean, it was said that the rusty venture was a sex move. The actual action has not been determined yet.
I just got the best rusty venture at that party last night!
by Mastah Tea November 21, 2010
16 15