When you masturbate so much that your dick turns red.
-Brock Samson
What is a "Rusty Venture" from Operation P.R.O.M.
by natecurrie November 22, 2010
A Rusty Venture is when you take your finger and swirl it around a man's anal sphincter while performing a hand job
After five cocktails, Sheryl agreed to give me a Rusty Venture
by Al_the_Alchemist November 23, 2010
When you jerk off so much, your dick gets all red and sore.
I've given myself a few rusty ventures having not lost my virginity until i was 24.
by MADD415 November 22, 2010
A depraved sexual act that varies depending upon the person explaining it.
That's not a Rusty Venture... A Rusty Venture is when you take her........
by Human Target November 22, 2010
An alcoholic mixed drink created by wayward comic creator Chandra Free. The ingredients of which have not been specified.

The drink is a reference to a "Rusty Venture", which is a supposed specific, vulgar sex act whose definition is constantly in question, and which provides a running joke in the "Operation P.R.O.M." episode of "The Venture Bros.". A television program on Adult Swim, a late night, grown up block of shows on the Cartoon Network.

The hypothetical drink's creation derives from a conversation on the social networking site Twitter that Chandra had with a deranged, yet tragically visionary fan.

This creation mythos is widely accepted among Venture scholars, since during her free time Chandra became heavily involved in the VB community, and captured its hearts when her fan art was featured during infamous Adult Swim bumps. Furthermore, her subsequent graphic novel "The God Machine" features a foreword by Doc Hammer, co-creator of the Venture Bros.
My friends are coming over to watch season 4. I ordered a pizza, I'm practicing my SGT. Hatred voice, and Spookychan is making Rusty Ventures in the kitchen.
by Hibulp April 26, 2011
A seemingly undefined sex act as defined in the season four finale of Adult Swim's "The Venture Bros". While many theories abound, most describe an act between two men that involves consumption of semen and fecal matter.
...it comes pouring out like someone stepped on a snack pack. So, after you both find a turkey baster; you eat your way out of the tub. At least that's what a rusty venture is described as on urban dictionary...
by Sean Danger Martin November 22, 2010
As per Brock Samson of The Venture Bros. in the episode Operation P.R.O.M., when a guy masturbates so much that his penis becomes red, raw and sore.
He watched so much Skinamax, he gave himself a Rusty Venture.
by Meatbaal November 23, 2010

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