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getting your ass crack and/or ass hole licked while the girl reaches around and tugs on your cock. Thus looks like the girl is "making music."
Baby girl gave me the best rusty trombone ever!
Ever had a rusty trombone
by Sam from Philly July 22, 2005
when a living organism administers raging anal domination through the tongue, or the closest cousin to the tongue, while simultaniously and strategically administering a jerkdown on a penis of the anal domination recipient. side effects include clearing of the testicles, and a squeaky clean delicious ass.
That is a nice monkey you have there. I hear he plays a mean rusty trombone. how much?
by Hilznack September 23, 2005
A standing man getting his asshole eaten out by the woman he just ass-fucked, while she jerks him off from behind. The man has to have ass-fucked the woman, hence what makes your trombone "RUSTY"
Tom fucked Kelly's ass so well, she treated him to a Rusty Trombone.
by Mr. Bator July 30, 2008
This stunt can be done by either two guys or a male and female. this is how it works. lets take the two guys for example, one will get on his knee's and will be facing the guys ass while he stands ( note: must be naked for stunt to work ) . the one on his knees begins to give the one in front a reach around.( just like using a trombone ) but trombone's are used by not only your hands but your mouth. so this is where the "rusty" part takes affect. the one on his kness will begin licking/eating out the ass infront of him. there you have it folks, the rusty trombone!
- The Rusty Trombone sceene was cut from the movie brokeback mountain because its a high paying manuver.

- " sick dude! i just heard that guy over there talking about giving his boyfriend a rusty trombone ! "

- * Don't do this unless your paid LOTS of money ( more that what Bill Gates has) or your so drunk and the world is going to end the next day and you have nothing else to do *
by Kevin L. June 12, 2006
The act of a woman giving oral sex to a mans anus while stroking his penis.
We were getting freaky one night and he bent over and asked me to give him a rusty trombone.
by dbintx October 11, 2006
When a female is stroking your meat wagon while tending to you arse with her tounge.
Will you give me a rusty trombone before we go out to dinner tonight?
by ToddHansen April 04, 2006
when a girl tongue twisters the asshole of a man while giving him a reach around and fondles his nuts
Matt gave Tom W a superb rusty trombone
by Sean and Tom L January 31, 2004