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To have a woman suck your cock while you are taking a shit. Afterwards she tosses your salad and cleans your anus with her tongue.
My womans such a trooper, she sucks my cock and licks my pooper.
She gives a damn fine rusty blumpkin.
by Rod Cocksman November 05, 2008
30 17
receiving oral sex on the toilet with the runs or very bad diarea.
I took a mean ass shit last night but my girl came in and gave me a rusty blumpkin.
by Si Julio February 18, 2009
7 6
The act of receiving a rim job while concurrently taking a dump and receiving a handjob.
Man I got this rusty blumpkin last night, aboslutely filled this chicks mouth with crap.
by Hugh G Rection April 08, 2005
10 40