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To attempt to improve something that is really shit.
Guy 1: Dude, if you change the last chord of the bar into an arpeggio, then it will sound soo much better.

Guy 2: Dude the song is crap! Doing that would be like pollishing shit!
by _Jebus_ May 09, 2009
To shit on ones grave
Guy 1: God, that guy's an asshole
Guy 2: Yeah, when he dies, we should grave dump him

Grave dumping
by _Jebus_ May 08, 2009
An alternate to the word 'gooch' which is the area of skin between the lowest end of your genitailia and your ass hole.

In dedication to Ash
Guy: God damn it my thadger is sweaty!

Girl: Yeah mine too...

Guy: Not like you have much of one!
by _Jebus_ May 10, 2009
To rush someone means to mug them.
Chav 1: Mate i can see that guys wallet in his pocket; i bet he's got some paper...

Chav 2: yeah, let's rush 'im!
by _Jebus_ May 09, 2009

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