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synonomous for tight, amazing, awesome, fabulous, fantastic, uber cool, 1337

also can mean hot, goodlooking, fine, beautiful
Omg, you are sooo ruppy, I wish I was as ruppy as you
wow, that girl is so ruppy.
by Molina and Sands March 02, 2005
Retiring Urban Professionals, 50-65, representing the leading edge consumers and influencers of the 70 million Baby Boomer demographic cohort in the United States.
As YUPPIES in the 1980s, they bought condos, drove BMWs, and drank Perrier. Now, as RUPPIES, they have seen the value of their McMansions and portfolios slashed, but continue to buy more luxury cars, high end entertainment products, and adventure travel than any other group in the United States.
by Tropical Fox February 06, 2011
without sense; of no real importance. also can be used in context with the mentally handicapped.
The poor ruppy child just sat there permisively, drueling all over herself, unaware that all could see.
by ender March 03, 2005
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