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Life Coach Mode
When a family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance tries to manage your life as they see fit. This is typically relentless and unsolicited advice.
Tom, stop LCMing Fran; She doesnt need advice about how to be a stripper.
by TheDirtySanch October 27, 2011
Long Course Meters. An abbreviation used in swimming to indicate a pool is 50 meters long.
The minimum 50 freestyle time for the race is 30.5 LCM.
by Swimmer92696 August 04, 2009
Low-class-Mexican, a mexican who looks native to their country. A typical Lcm has dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair, and is usually very short. Most typical Lcms are very trashy they have tattoos, don't know what they're doing with their lives, often comit crime, kill, cross the border illegally, have kids at a very young age, and too much pride in themselves thinking they're better and more hardcore than everyone. They support open borders and think illegal immigration is good.
Guy 1:Dude did you see George Lopez last night
Guy2: yea man he looks like a typical Lcm
by Hcms May 30, 2016
Lindero Canyon Middle School, which included student Andrew Bloom from 2000-2004. He is awesome and is the coolest person the school will ever see.
I'm going from LCMS to AHS, y'know?
by Moon Goat September 12, 2004
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