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Life Coach Mode
When a family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance tries to manage your life as they see fit. This is typically relentless and unsolicited advice.
Tom, stop LCMing Fran; She doesnt need advice about how to be a stripper.
by TheDirtySanch October 27, 2011
14 1
Low class moron.
That guy looks like a typical LCM.
by vfo6 July 11, 2013
2 0
Long Course Meters. An abbreviation used in swimming to indicate a pool is 50 meters long.
The minimum 50 freestyle time for the race is 30.5 LCM.
by Swimmer92696 August 04, 2009
5 4
Lindero Canyon Middle School, which included student Andrew Bloom from 2000-2004. He is awesome and is the coolest person the school will ever see.
I'm going from LCMS to AHS, y'know?
by Moon Goat September 12, 2004
5 32