The hottest redhead alive. He plays unbelievably cute Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. And he looks even better in person!
"Omigod! There's Rupert! Tackle him!"
by Chickee April 21, 2005
A redheaded Brit actor who made his debut in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and has been making other flicks since then, he is known for his shyness which made him endearing to fans, both young and adult. But behind that shyness, and that sweet, soft, gentle smile is a cool guy who likes to goof around and have fun. He has a large fanbase all across the world because he's likable and people could relate to him, he's also very laid-back, witty and funny. He doesn't let fame get to his head and that made us, his fans love him even more.
"You see that guy? He's Rupert Grint, hot, talented, humble, a rare breed, I'm tellin' ya."
by Queen April 22, 2005
Gorgeous, wicked-t-shirts-wearing, ham-sandwich-prefering, redheaded teenie actor from Hertfordshire (UK) who stars as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter films, developed rocket-thunderpants as Alan A. Allen and makes all readheads proud!
Rupert Grint beats Dom at Bogies!
by Miss Weasley April 06, 2005
The most awesome redhead who ever walked the face of the earth!

He was a regular kid who dreamed of being 'Ron Weasley' of the 'Harry Potter' movies -- and he made that dream come true! Which makes him an inspiration to a lot of young people worldwide, sending out a message that you too can do anything you want as long as you set your mind to it.
Without any professional acting experience, Rupert Grint decided to take a chance.
by Jesi June 29, 2005
(noun) A very talented actor who is in the Harry Potter films as the adorable Ronald Weasley, in Thunderpants, as genius Alan A Allen and in Drivng Lessons as a vicars son who learns important from a retired actress.
Rupert Grint is NOT Ron Weasley, he only portrays him in the movie!
by bjmart June 29, 2005
Cute red haired teen who plays Ron Weasly in the Harry Potter Movies. He likes to play guitar, draw/sketch, and try to ride the unicycle...
People who think Rupert Grint isn't hot need to LAY OFF! He's cute in his own way!
by Madysen April 13, 2007
the awesomest of the harry potter trio. he doesn't need to stand onstage naked to get publicity... unlike daniel radcliffe (although, im not complaining about a naked rupert grint stage show...)

he also has the most uber ginger hair you'll ever see, and his love for unicycling, ice cream vans and ham/cheese sandwiches makes him even more adorable!
friend: "had the uberest dream last night... rupert grint asked to marry me!"
by AmyZiggy November 24, 2007
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