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A name given to an artical of clothing for people who fart very loud or have very bad gas.
"Stay away from Jim, he's wearing his thunderpants today."

"Thats what that retch is?!"
by bimmerjim May 10, 2005
When a loud poot is muffled in your underpants.
Meg is clearly wearing thunderpants today, and it smells like satan's balls.
#farts #underpants #echoes #thunder #smell
by Stacee2.0 September 13, 2015
A person who makes a display of farting loudly, or trying to fart as loud as possible, perhaps by lifting one leg and wincing as they do it(Usually a male practice, of those aged about 14 to 20.
Hey, Thunderpants, cut it out man, my mom's downstairs and she will think I did it.
#farting #loud farting #loud fart #underpants #eggy farts
by Snodgrass December 14, 2005
Someone's under pants that contains shit
Dude did you see Brandon he looks he has thunder pants
#shit #booty #under pants #crap #stank
by kingsareus May 25, 2015
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