A Rupert is a dude that could never become a John. The arch nemesis of a John (Johnanation). A Rupert is typically one of those guys you see who thinks he's a bad-ass dude but he's really just an asshole and nobody likes him. Ruperts usually come from Broseville and have lots of their dad's money.
Chandler: " Hey, John, hows it going?"
Travis: "There's a Rupert at the bar, being a dick"
by defeationjoe April 06, 2010
A species werewolf that doesn't smell.
"Wow look over there it's a rupert!"
by somebody who does not smell September 17, 2008
The 10th planet in our solar system.
A bunch of aliens with amnesia live on Rupert.
by joyjoy July 07, 2003
The name of Jeremy medinas penis
Yo girl you want to suck my rupert
by delici0us_j October 23, 2007
big gay bear
He's a bear and he's gay!
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
Coloquial expression referring to the ass hole
"That sonofabitch has his head up his rupert"
by Dick Fondla April 28, 2003
some gay-ass cartoon bear who hangs around with some gay-ass dog (or whatever the hell it is)named Pongping and goes on dumb adventures with talking animals.
Yo, that dude rupert is gay!!
by SLK May 22, 2004

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