a small town in Idaho
"hey did you know that rupert is the christmas city of idaho"
by c-walker December 17, 2011
Rupert is another word for your penis
My rupert gets hard at the thought of her
by sincerelyMEx3 July 06, 2011
A person who deems themselves to be "an absolute joker". When in reality, they have very poor banter.
House mate frapes you with below average banter, in response: "you absolute rupert"
by Lolalo October 07, 2011
The man on RSB who likes to flame extremley well.
Oh noes. Rupert flamed me the other night said sally.
by LolatLee September 02, 2008
a code word used by many for marijuana
im goin to smoke up that rupert today
by desibaby March 14, 2005
russian word meaning "quick death"
rupert murdoch
by Jake Jarmel May 25, 2004
A text message sent in the morning by a man to all his mates, indicating that he had had sex the previous evening with a woman with whom he had never before slept. The text message generally consists of the single word: rupert.
"I got a rupert message from Johnny this morning."
"About fucking time."
by Atticus Black May 16, 2009

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