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The act of sneeking up behind a friend/enemy and inserting their underwear/pants through their anus by use of your middle finger.
Wow, I think Pauly's feet almost came off the ground when Robin gave him a Runion!
by Troy5118 December 05, 2006
1. An extraordinarily large male member.

2. A lightweight, in regards to alcoholic capacity.
"Check out the Runion on that guy!"

"Guy was trashed after two Mike's Hard Lemonades... what a Runion!"
by atomicdonkey August 24, 2003
A Norwegian Lumberjack. Usually the largest and the heartiest of the lumberjacks. A Runion can grow in excess of 8 feet tall and have been known to be among the manliest men to have ever walked the face of the planet. Runions have a fierce hatred and fear of onions… thus spawning the term “An onion a day keeps the Runion away.”
An onion a day keeps the Runion away.

Dead serious.
by Mologan November 05, 2009
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