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An anonymous sexual partner, in a social situation.
"Hey guys this is... uh.. my cousin!"
by atomicdonkey August 24, 2003
1. (n)The absence of light.
2. (n)A particularly dark-skinned African American. (circa 1980s NY, used pre-Wesley Snipes)
Charlie/Eddie Murphy (Brothers Darkness)
by atomicdonkey March 05, 2004
(adjective) Frightening, to the urban crowd.
"Oh ma gootness, did you see Leprechaun in da Hood?"
"Hells yeah, it was vurry scurry"
by atomicdonkey May 14, 2004
An insincere, typically sardonic expression of mock amusement.
Gilbert: What does that cloud look like to you? Looks like rain, to me!
Doris: Hurhurhur, you're a laugh riot.
by atomicdonkey March 25, 2004
A particularily foolish or awkward individual. From Latin "dorkus malorkus".
"Get a load of the sideburns on THAT malorkus."
by atomicdonkey August 24, 2003
An abbreviated form of the phrase "I don't care". This variant is typically used
a)by the African-America inner-city crowd.
b)by anyone, who wishes to make it seem as if they don't care, when in fact, they do.
AA1: Wanna go rape some unsuspecting white women?
AA2: Uncur
by atomicdonkey May 15, 2004
(drunkspeak) To one-up someone's one-up, or to severely one-up someone.
Soberguy- Always trying to one-up me, aren't you...
Drunkguy- I'll two-up you....
by atomicdonkey February 14, 2005
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