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A dance of Cuban origin, combining complex footwork with a pronounced movement of the hips.

To dance all night, esp. with a young lady

An excellent start to a game of family Scrabble

A Dance

See also "doing the solo Rumba"
and "Samantha Rumba"
"Hey, can I get you a rum and a Rumba?"

"That's R U M B A, Rumba, good start"

"Don't worry about him girl, he's happier doing the solo Rumba"

"She's a sort! A right Samantha Rumba"
by James Caulfield January 22, 2009
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mean party. It can be all night long or just a hard party.
Man, when I went to Colombia, I went to something they call "rumba", I danced like for 3 days in a row!!!
by uDontCare September 05, 2011
A certain class of woman.
An astoshingly stunning female that simply has features that are pleasing to males.
The features that must be of the highest standards are usually the face and figure.
A woman with remarkably plump breasts and a bottom to match with a face similar to heaven would be described as a rumba.
"I saw a rumba earlier on"

"Katy Perry is a rumba"

Dre: Heared some girl tried to get on you the other day
Os: Yeh... She was a rumba
by Franklin Lawrence July 23, 2010

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